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About Us

Le Vintage is a wine and beer shop owned and run by Sommeliers with the intent of making the entire world of wine accessible to everyone while supporting growers who are engaged in ethically and ecologically responsible farming and business practices. 

We select our wines based on three criteria:

- Farming: Must be sustainable at minimum; preference for biodynamic, bioregenerative, and holistic practices. Unless it is impossible, wines must be fermented using native yeasts.

- Distribution: We only purchase from locally owned wholesalers, no national distributors

- Quality: We taste everything and must agree that it’s good enough for our customers

Our beers are selected with an eye to balancing classic examples with domestic artisan beers.  As much as possible, we adhere to the same farming and business criteria we apply to our wine selections. 

Cheeses and charcuterie from domestic, local when possible, artisan producers are curated and constantly rotated based on availability.  We are actively seeking local, artisan makers for accoutrements, meats and cheeses.